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TechLawAnnounce Posting Policy

TechLawAnnounce is an official announcement and communication vehicle for the Texas Tech University School of Law community. In accordance with the University Acceptable Use Guidelines, the purpose of TechLawAnnounce is to facilitate the communication of law school business and events.


  • The use of this resource may not violate TTU School of Law policies, TTU Operating Policies, or state or federal laws. Acceptable TechLawAnnounce postings must comply with all TTU Operating Policies and Procedures.
  • TechLawAnnounce is for Texas Tech University School of Law faculty, staff, and student use only. All announcements must be submitted by a TTU School of Law employee or current law student representing a recognized law student organization, which must be identified in the announcement.
  • TechLawAnnounce is distributed via email at 10:00 a.m. each business day during the fall, spring, summer, and intersession semesters. If necessary, a second TechLawAnnounce will be distributed in the afternoon, but this is generally reserved for urgent announcements.
  • Direct all questions and requests for assistance to the Director for Calendar & Events, Blake Groves, at
  • All messages must be posted at (eRaider authentication required). Any event or announcement related to Texas Tech University School of Law can be submitted for approval, with the exception of announcements that conflict with the policies listed below.
  • The Events Director will monitor and approve all postings prior to release. To ensure timely delivery, postings should be made at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Event announcements should describe factual information, such as a brief description of the event along with its location, date, time, and sponsor. Subject lines must include only factual and descriptive information about the event.
  • Each submission should reflect the email address of the originator of the message; users will be directed to the originator for additional information.
  • Posts are limited to 4000 characters. The subject field is limited to 80 characters.
  • Announcements on the same topic may be distributed a maximum of three times per week, unless an update is necessary.
  • Because it is a university resource, TechLawAnnounce may not be used for political announcements. The use of TechLawAnnounce to engage in political activities is a violation of both the University Ethics Policy and state law.
  • Announcements should not make any reference to the service, availability, or consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Announcements that promote joint fundraisers with private entities or businesses and TTU entities are not permitted unless the fundraiser contributes directly to the university’s State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) efforts.
  • With respect to law student organization fundraisers, a recognized law student organization must be the sole generator and the sole recipient of the monetary and/or non-monetary benefit generated by any fundraisers. This is true regardless of the event’s location.
  • TechLawAnnounce must not be used to announce the sale of any personal items, including, but not limited to, textbooks, study materials, pets, home or apartment sales or rentals, or furniture. These items may only be listed and sold on The SideBar forum provided for this purpose. 
  • Although there is no guarantee that requests for exceptions to the above guidelines will be approved, such requests should be directed to the Associate Dean for Student Life and the Director of Events.